Wednesday, 9 January 2008

48HFP Publicity

Please 'post response' with the location of where you have postered/flyered and or where you have emailed/ sent press release so we can see what we are missing

Also post any other publicity endeavors/ideas/calls for help.

Jodie will be mailing out a PDF of a poster and flyers to the listserv next monday. Please print as many as you can and post whereever you can.

Laurie will be writing (1) an official press release and (2) an nice email announcement to fwd/circulate and sending those out to the listserv this weekend. (Corrie offered to pass those along to talent circle and shooting people, elizabeth to the se london borough's, paul to local press, kenan did you say filmlondon?)

Listen psa on ratika's bollywood show the weekend before
Declan's looking into psa on resonance radio?
Luke might be able to whip up a teaser... stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I've got our event placed with the following organisations:

-Arts Greenwich (e-bulletin and yahoo groups)
-Lewisham Arts (e-bulletin and e-diary)
-Lewisham Film Initiative (emailed listed filmmakers with press release)
-Shooting People (e-diary)
-SouthEastX (myspace diary)
-Southwark Arts Forum (e-bulletin)
-Talent Circle (e-diary)
-WiredFM Radio Show (Ratika will announce it on her show)

I'm in the process of confirming publicity with:

-BarStory (posters in the bar)
-Film London (Press release sent to e-diary)
-ITV Local (Waiting for Luke & Ratika to compile video for web banner)
-Lewisham Film Initiative (waiting for Elizabeth to upload event on "News" section)
-Sassoon Gallery (Jodie creating giant banner for gallery. Laura posting press release on gallery website Friday)
-The Seer (Event listed, 10 day processing time)
Riseup list (Will send out poster on list when Jodie finishes it)
-The Synergy Centre (deliver posters/flyers)

Let me know how your all get on with publicity and post the results up here!

Anonymous said...

Emailed Screening and Afterparty invites to the following:

-Barrington, Zee, Chris @ Digital Sneakers
-Rosa Rogers
-Sepp @ Spiraleye Productions
-Jo Ho
-Tanya Franks @ Stock-pot Productions
-Marlon Kerr
-Daniel Cormack @ Actaeon Films
-Robb Horsley
-Stevie @ Brick and Pin Films
-Miguel @ Changoman Productions
-Wayne Campbell
-John Lochland @ Big Dipper Film Co.
-Elizabeth Mitchell @ Lewisham Film Initiative

-Jake Strickland @ Digital Fluid
-Tontxi @ Film and Festival Magazine
-Chris Haydon @ Southwark.TV